Our Approach

Our mission is act as a guide for our clients through their journey to success.  Our processes are not "cookie cutter" or "one size fits all".  We listen to hear and learn about our clients and their goals.  Once we have a clear understanding of the objectives; we collaborate on the strategy and formulas for success.


Our Story

Beyond Branding was birthed out of a passion to help people realize their business goals and vision.  We have spent 20 plus years in the public contracting and business development space.  We have developed key relationships with the public and private sector supply chain representatives and the companies that supply goods and services to them.  We found great joy in making introductions and matching people to opportunities.  It's not work if it's passion.

The name Beyond Branding derived from years of hearing the terminology "branding".  We found "branding" being used loosely and as a catch-all.  It was almost as if branding is all there is to business.  As business development professionals, we recognized branding was just the beginning.  Branding establishes the company's identity; but it is not the actual business component; hence our philosophy "It happens in the after."

Meet the Visionary

The greatest vision is the one that sees beyond myself and into the hopes and dreams of others.      -Vicki


Vicki Semander

Founder & Chief Consultant

I am a gifted Business Development and Contracts Professional with over 20 years experience working with Minority and Women Business Enterprises (MWBE) and other small businesses.  I have spent 18 years working in Federal government, state and local level contracting arena.  With an in depth understanding and application of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) and other legislation regulating contracting; coupled with my formal education, I am an established expert in the field.

God must give me 26 hours for every 24 He gives others.  In addition to my very busy professional life, I somehow find time to attend school and lead a non-profit.  I am currently pursuing a graduate degree at Sam Houston State University- Eat'em up Bearkats.

I believe in "to whom much is given much is required." People would laugh and think I was joking when I would say "my goal in life is to be a professional volunteer" but I am 100 percent serious. The focus of my volunteer work is with challenged populations and restorative justice.  In 2016, I founded Jumpstart Your Reentry, Inc., a 501(c)3, in-reach and out-reach that focuses on empowering and equipping men and women with the tools needed to make an effective reentry into a productive lifestyle.

In my work-life balance I am the Vick-torious Vicki when I remember my worth is founded in how well I live my life's purpose and how much I give to my fellows.


What is your beyond...

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